The Stranger And The Gunfighter (1974) - Lee Van Cleef Blu-ray codefree

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The Stranger And The Gunfighter (1974) 


Region code A,B,C - codefree

During a hold-up in the Wild West, Dakota kills a rich old Chinese man, Wang. Later, he is captured, sentenced, and is about to be hanged - but he never profited from Wang's death- only finding the photographs of his four widows and a fortune cookie. Meanwhile, Lo comes to America in search of his uncle's fortune after his family is held hostage. He frees Dakota from the Hangman, since he's the only one who can help find Wang's fortune. Now, the difficult part will really start... the Treasure hunt. First they need to locate the four clues, a tattoo on each of Wang's widow's butts, then uncover the fortune while being hunted by a religious fanatic/ ex-confederate soldier who is on to their game.

Starring :

Lee Van Cleef, Lo Lieh

Director :

Anthony M. Dawson


Running time : 110 Minutes

Language : English, Spanish  Dolby Digital

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