A Town Called Hell (1971) - Robert Shaw Blu-ray codefree

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A Town Called Hell (1971) 


Region code A,B,C - codefree

Legendary actors Martin Landau, Telly Savalas and Robert Shaw star in this western full of action, violence and gunplay. Immediately following the Mexican rebellion, the Mexican army is sent to find revolutionary leader Aguila. But Aguila (Shaw) is now a priest in a town controlled by a local gang leader (Savalas). Stella Stevens rounds out the cast as a woman seeking revenge against her husband's killer. As the dual manhunt reaches its climax, the town explodes with violence and greed in a fiery hell.

Starring :

Robert Shaw, Telly Savalas, Martin Landau, Stella Stevens

Director :

Robert Parrish


Running time : 97 Minutes

Language : English, Spanish  Dolby Digital

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