The One That Got Away (1957) - Hardy Krüger Blu-ray

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The One That Got Away (1957)


Region code B (Europe)

"Taut, absorbing and tingling" (The New York Times), this thrilling true-life account follows a defiant pilot whose incredible determination and relentless courage gave him the power to evade his captors and make his way back to his homeland. This "tension-packed" (Mirror-News), gripping adventure thriller tells the true story of the only British P.O.W. who got away.

Lieutenant Franz von Werra (Hardy Kruger) is a haughty Luftwaffe flyboy who prides himself on being the best. When his plant is shot down over British airspace, he becomes a prisoner of war. Determined to escape, he twice plots his way out of imprisonment only to be captured again and again. He is finally sent to an icy-cold Canadian wasteland where he escapes again, hops a train and heads for the United States - a neutral nation at the time, and one more stepping stone in his amazing journey back home!

Starring :

Hardy Krüger, Michael Goodliffe, Colin Gordon, Alec McCowen, Terence Alexander

Director :

Roy Ward Baker


Running time : 111 Minutes

Language : English, German  DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0

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