The Last Of Sheila (1973) - James Coburn Blu-ray codefree

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The Last Of Sheila (1973)


Region code A,B,C - codefree

Composer Stephen Sondheim (Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods) and actor Anthony Perkins (Psycho) wrote this witty, complex thriller directed by Herbert Ross (Steel Magnolias, The Goodbye Girl). A movie kingpin (James Coburn), whose wife Sheila was killed by a hit-and-run driver a year before, hosts a cruise aboard his sleek yacht. His guests are all friends (and some lovers) who may know more about Sheila's death than they're letting on (James Mason, Raquel Welch, Dyan Cannon, Richard Benjamin, Joan Hackett and Ian McShane). An elaborate murder game with Mediterranean ports-of-call is the itinerary. What unfolds is a mystery so intriguing, so cleverly plotted, even the title is a clue!

Starring :

James Coburn, Richard Benjamin, Dyan Cannon, James Mason, Raquel Welch

Director :

Herbert Ross


Running time : 120 Minutes

Language : English, Spanish  Dolby Digital

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