The Crimson Code (2000) - Patrick Muldoon DVD

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The Crimson Code (2000)

Region Code 1 (USA)

FBI Agent Jason Chandler (Patrick Muldoon: Stigmata, Starship Troopers) has devoted his life to enforcing the law. But on the trail of a series of mysterious murders surrounding some of the deadliest serial killers, Agent Chandler is forced down a path where no one can be trusted. Only this time, sociopathic killers are being meticulously murdered one by one in grisly circumstances - and it's no coincidence. Now, he must uncover the truth and the life he must protect will be his own.

Starring :

Patrick Muldoon, Cathy Moriarty, C. Thomas Howell, Fred Ward

Director :

Jeremy Haft


Running time : 90 Minutes

Language : English  Dolby Digital 5.1