The Clay Pigeon (1949) - Bill Williams Colorized Version DVD

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The Clay Pigeon (1949) 

Colorized Version

Jim Fletcher, waking up from a coma, finds he is to be given a court martial for treason and charged with informing on fellow inmates in a Japanese prison camp during WWII. Escaping from the hospital he tries to clear himself by enlisting the aid of Martha Gregory, widow of a service buddy he was accused of informing on. Helped also by Ted Niles, a surviving fellow prisoner, he gets closer to finding the answers he needs, and becomes ensnared in a grandiose scheme involving his Japanese ex-prison guard, $10,000,000 of US currency forged by the Japanese and a burgeoning crime network poised to wreak havoc throughout southern California.

Starring :

Bill Williams, Barbara Hale, Richard Quine

Director :

Richard Fleischer


Running time : 63 Minutes

Language : English