Ollie Hopnoodle´s Haven Of Bliss (1988) - Jean Shepherd DVD

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Ollie ISO

Ollie Hopnoodle´s Haven Of Bliss (1988) 

It's summertime in Hohman, Indiana, and 14-year-old Ralph Parker can't wait to get his first job. His friends Schwartz and Flick are less enthusiastic, and the job turns into a nightmare presided over by the story's author, Jean Shepherd, in hilariously unconvincing movie makeup. Ralph's dad hardly can wait for the family's upcoming fishing vacation in Michigan at the movie title's resort but will have to drive their old car through a sea of troubles to get there. Fuzzhead the dog runs away and joins a wealthy family, to the consternation of Mom, who patiently handles über-whiner little-brother Randy and buys a whirligig as consolation.

Starring :

Jean Shepherd, James Sikking, Dorothy Lyman

Director :

Dick Bartlett


Running time : 90 Minutes

Language : English