Neath The Arizona Skies (1934) - John Wayne Colorized Version DVD

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Neath The Arizona Skies (1934)

Colorized Version

After the passing of her Indian mother, a young "half-breed" girl must locate her wayward father in order to cash in her inheritance - a $50,000 oil claim. It's up to her foster father (John Wayne) to fend off a series of would-be kidnappers and villains, and locate the girl's "real" father before all three of them end up dead! It's gunfights galore in this early John Wayne film from his Lone Star Productions period. Co-stars include Yakima Canutt, Jack Rockwell and Earl Dwire.

Starring :

John Wayne, George Hayes, Sheila Terry

Director :

Harry Fraser


Running time : 52 Minutes

Language : English