Moonfleet (1955) - Stewart Granger DVD

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Moonfleet (1955)

Adventure and intrigue await all ye who venture into the small and sinister village of Moonfleet on the windswept moors of Dorsetshire. Particularly as directed by master-of-menace Fritz Lang, this colorful tale of a young boy's experiences among some really bad companions enthralls in the tradition of Kidnapped and Treasure Island.

Here young John Mohune (Jon Whiteley) arrives at his ancestral estate, now owned by the dashing-yet-mysterious Jeremy Fox (Steward Granger). Out of love for the boy's mother but against his better judgment, Fox grudgingly allows John to stay. He soon becomes attached to the boy, but his devotion is tested when John discovers a hidden smugglers' lair beneath the village graveyard and learns a shocking secret, which could cost both him and Fox their lives.

Starring :

Stewart Granger, George Sanders, Viveca Lindfors

Director :

Fritz Lang


Running time : 87 Minutes

Language : English