Little Nikita (1988) - Sidney Poitier Blu-ray codefree

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Little Nikita (1988)


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Little Nikita is a cross-generation action-packed thriller of espionage and patriotism starring Lifetime Achievement Award Winner (Academy Awards 2002) Sidney Poitier and Oscar-nominated River Phoenix (Running on Empty).

Jeff Grant (Phoenix) is an All American high school student applying to the Air F-rce Academy. Roy Parmenter (Poitier) is an FBI agent doing Grant's background check for school when he discovers Grant's parents are undercover Russian spies disguised as Americans. When Parmenter confronts Grant about his parents, he is f-rced to make a decision that could save his entire country!

Starring :

Sidney Poitier, River Phoenix, Richard Jenkins

Director :

Richard Benjamin


Running time : 97 Minutes

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