I Was a Male War Bride (1950) - Cary Grant Blu-ray

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I Was a Male War Bride (1950) 


Region code B (Europe)

Stationed to work side-by-side on a mission in postwar Germany, French army officer Henri Rochard (Grant) and American WAC Lieutenant Catherine Gates (Ann Sheridan) fall in love. But just when they decide to marry, Catherine is ordered back to the U.S. - alone! The only way for an alien, including her husband, to enter the U.S. with her, is through the congressional act governing war brides. So the resourceful Catherine does the obvious - she disguises her husband as a sister WAC in this hilarious classic that the whole family will enjoy.

Starring :

Cary Grant, Ann Sheridan, Marion Marshall, Randy Stuart, Bill Neff

Director :

Howard Hawks


Running time : 108 Minutes

Language : English, German  DTS-HD 2.0

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