Hickey & Boggs (1972) - Robert Culp Blu-ray codefree

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Hickey & Boggs (1972)


Region code A,B,C - codefree

Bill Cosby and Robert Culp star as two down-on-their-luck Private Investigators who accept a routine request to locate a missing woman, little knowing they would be sent scrambling for their lives in a sizzling, violent underworld caper involving a $400,000 cache from an old robbery. Filmed entirely in sprawling, smog-laden Los Angeles, Hickey And Boggs is gutsy, fast-paced and offers everything anyone could ask for in a detective thriller.

Starring :

Robert Culp, Bill Bixby, Rosalind Cash

Director :

Robert Culp


Running time : 111 Minutes

Language : English, Spanish

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