Fort Dobbs (1958) - Clint Walker DVD Colorized Version

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Fort Dobbs (1958) 

Colorized Version

Surrounded by hostile Comanches, frontier widow Celia Gray knows the only hope she and her little boy have is to escape to Fort Dobbs. Their escort is Gar Davis, a strapping stranger who clearly has something to hide. Celia fears she knows his secret: he's the man who murdered her husband. Clint Walker plays the mysterious stranger and Virginia Mayo is the ravishing widow in this Western tale of high-desert suspense and action. As the desperate travelers make their way through Indian attacks and the perils of a forbidding terrain, they're joined by a gun trader (Brian Keith in a audience-grabbing performance) carrying high-performance rifles he's looking to sell - and Gar worries that the Comanches will be the highest bidder.

Starring :

Clint Walker, Virginia Mayo, Brian Keith

Director :

Gordon Douglas


Running time : 86 Minutes

Language : English