Elvis - The Complete On Tour Outtakes 4 DVD Set

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Elvis - The Complete On Tour Outtakes

Elvis " On Tour 1972 - The Outtakes" , DVD,NTSC,codefree RC0.This incredible 4 - dvd set contains unreleased studio outtakes from " Elvis On Tour " as well as lots of unreleased live footage from Hampton Roads,VA etc. This stuff will blow you away! Awesome picture and sound quality!! Includes studio takes of "Burning Love",Big Hunk O Love","Proud Mary" and.others.See Elvis clowning around in the studio. In the dressing room in San Antonio Elvis is throwing a glass of water on Marty. In other dressing room scenes he's trying on an oversized tie,discussing different aspects of the show and even recieving 2 gold record awards. Meeting a cancer stricken child on board the bus and so much more.