Drums Along The Mohawk (1939) - Henry Fonda DVD

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Drums Along The Mohawk (1939) 

Based on the best-selling novel by Walter D. Edmonds, Drums Along The Mohawk was nominated in 1939 for the Academy Award for Best Cinematography, Color. Henry Fonda stars as a farmer named Gil Martin, who brings his well-bred wife Lana (Claudette Colbert) from New York to the as-yet-unsettled Mohawk Valley - only to be met with unexpected strife as the Revolutionary War goes into full swing. Also starring John Carradine and Edna May Oliver, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, this "beautiful (Variety), sweeping piece of cinema celebrates the strength of some of the men and women who settled the American frontier.

Starring :

Henry Fonda, Claudette Colbert, John Carradine

Director :

John Ford


Running time : 104 Minutes

Language : English