Department S : The Complete Series (8 DVD Set)

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Department S : The Complete Series (1969-1970)

8 DVD Set

Region Code 2 (Europe)

Includes all 28 episodes

An elite department within Interpol, Department S inherited those cases which the other member groups had failed to solve. The brains of the group was Jason King, a hedonistic maverick who wrote mystery novels and solved real-life crimes by projecting himself into the shoes of his fictional hero, Mark Caine. American Stewart Sullivan was the fighter and pragmatist of the group, as down to Earth and cynical as Jason was flighty and flamboyant. Annabelle Hurst was their scientist and analyst, whom Jason often accused of loving nothing in the world except her computer. Although there was strong loyalty amongst the trio, there was also a lot of competition, especially between Annabelle and Jason, who seldom agreed on any theory and were continually trying to show each other up by solving the case using their preferred methods. The head of Department S was Sir Curtis Seretse 

Starring :

Peter Wyngarde, Joel Fabiani, Rosemary Nicols, Dennis Alaba Peters

Director :

Ray Austin, Roy Ward Baker, Paul Dickson, Cyril Frankel, John Gilling, Leslie Norman, Gilbert Taylor


Running time : 1358 Minutes

Language : English, German