Command Decision (1948) - Clark Gable Colorized Version

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Command Decision (1948) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Colorized Version

America's Flying Fortresses are marvels of airborne fury, raining hell in daring World War II bombing runs over Germany. When the Nazis develop a startling secret weapon - jet fighters - one determined U.S. general realizes the Allied victory depends on destroying the jet factories. Even if scores of Fortresses and their crews perish in the attempt. Even if the brass fights him every blood-soaked inch of the way.

Clark Gable heads a top cast in this powerful insider's look at the wrenching choices officers must make in time of war. Based on the stage hit, Command Decision combines thrilling aerial pyrotechnics with tense war room battles to create an indelible portrait of men whose judgment holds the power of life and death.

Starring :

Clark Gable, Brian Donlevy, John Hodiak, Walter Pidgeon, Van Johnson

Director :

Sam Wood


Running time : 112 Minutes

Language : English