Bride Of The Monster (1955) - Bela Lugosi COLORIZED Version DVD

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Bride Of The Monster (1955)

Colorized Version

Legendary horror icon Bela Lugosi (Dracula) stars as Dr. Eric Vornoff, who with Lobo (Tor Johnson), a crazed man-beast servant, is conducting flesh-burning radiation experiments in an attempt to create a legion of atomic supermen.

Produced and Directed by Ed Wood Jr., famed cult fimmaker, with a script co-written by Alex Gordon and Ed's stable of players: Dolores Fuller (Glen or Glenda?, Jailbait), Tor Johnson and Paul Marco (Plan 9 from Outer Space). Bela Lugosi's last screen performance and one of Ed's best efforts!

Starring :

Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson

Director :

Ed Wood


Running time : 69 Minutes

Language : English