Allegheny Uprising (1939) - John Wayne Color Version DVD

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Allegheny Uprising (1939)

Colorized Version

America's Revolutionary War is more than a decade away, but storm clouds of rebellion are gathering in Pennsylvania. There, colonial man of action James Smith does what England's provincial command won't: stop the trading of weapons to Indian tribes. Smith intercepts trade shipments, beseiges forts and risks the certain-death charge of treason against the king.

"I'll blow daylight through these men." Only months after his Stagecoah breakthrough, John Wayne brings his one-of-a-kind line readings and presence to the real-lDVD - Westernife role of Smith. Another Stagecoah alumna joins the Duke: Claire Trevor, playing a fiery barmaid eager to join the scrap against the redcoats.

Starring :

John Wayne, George Sanders, Claire Trevor

Director :

William A. Seiter


Running time : 80 Minutes

Language : English

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